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We take a personal and holistic approach to finding a suitable treatment package that is both affordable and realistic. We give no false promises or guarantees but instead support you through your aesthetics journey with honest and trustworthy values.

Our approach to medical facial aesthetics is far from just cosmetic.

With over 10 years of aesthetic experience in this field, we have earned a trustworthy and reliable client base, generated by these values. As body dysmorphia continues to grow steadily in the UK, we have policies in place to help and support our clients that require further access to services and advice.

We follow strict polices and a selective process whereby body dysmorphia and mental health is taken very seriously. Our standards are high and our principles are to consider each person with an ethical and moral attitude.

Our Primary Services

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

The injection of botulinum toxin A (BTA), which is more commonly known as Botox, has become very popular for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the aging face.

Lip Augmentation

Currently there are 76 different types of dermal filler circulating the UK market and with this in mind it’s useful to acknowledge that not one of these 76 are the same.  

Dermal Filler

Dermal filler is a synthetic gel like product which was designed to replace and hydrate the loss of volume in the face and/or augment to create shape and definition.

Sports Soft Tissue Therapy

Also known as ‘deep tissue massage,’ is to promote faster muscle recovery, reduce pain, improve circulation, and improve lymphatic drainage.


Sclerotherapy treatment is used to thread veins and venous malformations visible superficially under the skin on the legs.


Depending on the skin condition you would like to treat, or if you would like a facial rejuvenation for a special occasion, there is a peel to suit you.

Our Tailored Packages

Our packages are designed to target certain areas of the face to make positive changes whilst making a small saving too. Combination treatments are advocated to target various areas of the face to create an overall aesthetically desired appearance.

Lip Combo

Saving of £50 | Lip Filler and 2 areas of wrinkle relaxing A very popular combination, is our lip and wrinkle relaxing duo. Two areas of wrinkle relaxing of your choice and our very popular Volift Retouch to give your lips a little va va voom! Perfect for a special occasion.

Define Eyes

Saving of £143 | Cheek Augmentation, with wrinkle relaxing around crows feet and tear trough dermal filler ‘Your eyes are the window to your soul’ Eyes are the first feature we see and as well as our natural ageing process, external social factors such as: sun exposure, smoking and drinking can have a major impact on our skin health, elasticity and tone. As well as the flattening of facial fat pads, the evidence is clearly shown around our eyes. Combination treatments are advocated here, by replacing fat pad loss in the cheek area with dermal filler, softening the ‘pull’ around the ‘crows feet’ using wrinkle relaxing and refilling the tear trough area with dermal filler. This technique will soften the eyes to give you that gentle glow you are missing.

Jaw Sculpt

Saving of £100 | Aqualyx fat dissolving within the chin area. Chin and jawline definition Have you ever been concerned that your side profile isn’t as defined as you’d like? Or that Chin’eck is so blended that you struggle to separate them? A little dermal filler may help. Using direct injection techniques to scaffold and define the jawline, combination dermal filler to augment the chin and corners of the jawline will help to sculpt and redefine the angles of the jaw. In addition, using Aqualyx fat dissolving will target any fatty pockets beneath the chin area to support this super re-sculpting.


Saving of £191 | Wrinkle relaxing 3 areas, cheek augmentation, chin and Jawline Reform is our ultimate treatment package, designed to target larger areas of the face to give an overall improved result. Using a needle and cannula combination, the cheek area is augmented and redefined reducing the occipital hollowing of the eye and reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds. As well as this beautiful technique, supporting the chin and jawline will help to reduce the appearance of marionette lines and the heaviness of the Jowell area. Finished off with a freshen up to the forehead and eye area using wrinkle relaxing.


Angela is amazing – so friendly and the best at what she does! Have had lip filler 3 times with her now – I used to be petrified of needles until having this done. Angela makes you feel so at ease, I will always recommend her and will only ever go to her in the future. Thank you so much xxx

– Isabella Leighton – 

I absolutely love my dream lips by Angela! I have been 3 times now and would never go anywhere else, Angela is out to make the best shape out of what you have not make you look ridiculous, everyone always comments on my skin when iv had them done. Professional and knowledgeable but easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease.

– Nadine Nolan-Perry  – 

I’ve now been to Angela 3 times and each time I’ve been more than satisfied. She is great with the fact that I hate needles and always makes sure I’m positioned in a way which is comfortable for me. She is very knowledgeable and makes me feel at ease. I would not go anywhere else. Thanks again Ang x

– Paige Hawker – 

High Quality Aesthetic Service Performed by certified professionals.

Our consultations are completely free of charge which allows us to provide detailed information regarding your treatment. A medical questionnaire will be completed and an in depth discussion of how we can manage expectations will be addressed.

Our consultations are designed to give our clients choice and time to consider their options.